What is the Future for Pokémon GO?
29 Jul

What is the Future for Pokémon GO?

Future of Pokémon GO

What is the Future for Pokémon GO?

 Pokémon GO launched July 6th, 2016. The app has an estimated 75 million overall downloads, and has the most recorded downloads ever within the first week of launch (21 million). The app has also gone on to receive more downloads on a day-to-day basis than Tinder, and has almost topped Twitter in daily active users.

Pokémon GO Versus Tinder Versus Twitter

This was all during the first two weeks of launch, but the current state of the game is a little different. The game has plateaued in the United States, at around 25 million active users per day on July 14th. Since then, there has been a consistent decline in activity, but what are the reasons why?

Pokémon GO Active Users Decline

One of the reason suggested is that it's because when it was released, there was a huge hype to the game. Everybody and their parents were playing, which makes the game a pure fad. 

There may be some proof to this claim, however if we look into the mechanics of the game itself we can really see what it was that's made people turn away.

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