Top Ten Tips For Your Pokemon GO Adventure!
11 Jul

Top Ten Tips For Your Pokemon GO Adventure!

Beginning your Pokemon GO Adventure can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing. Luckily, we've compiled a list of ten (And a BONUS tip!) tips for you to get started! Enjoy.


 Tip #1 -  Catch almost everything at first, even if you don't need it


It gives you candies and experience for evolving SOMETHING. Example: Rattata's, I cannot even begin to describe how many of them I've encountered, but upon evolving them, even though I don't need them, that's 500 experience, 1000 if I got a lucky egg going at that time.

Tip #2 - Travel travel travel


Its called go for a reason, sitting still will rarely get you anything new or exciting.

Tip #3 - Visit as many pokestops as you can.


Gather up those items and pokeballs, as if you go traveling, you can run out fast.


Tip #4 - Pay attention to the moves that your pokemon have.


A simple raticate might have dig, which is great against electric, or hyper fang, which is just a general move that while good, isn't super effective against anything.

Tip #5 - Don't evolve your special pokemon until you build them up.


Example: Eevee, I waited until I had my eevee at 384 CP. When I evolved it, I was looking at a vaporeon of over 1000 CP, the multipliers are HUGE when you evolve a pokemon that's already strong to begin with.

Tip #6 - Location matters.


Water pokemon like to hang out by water, electric by electric (If anyone knows of a power plant, by all means lemme know lol). Sometimes it gets even scary how accurate it is, like the Meowth I got at Pet Smart......

Tip #7 - Gym Battles: There are two types of gym battles, those against opposing factions, those against your own.


You fight opposing factions for control of their gym or to decrease their power, and you fight against your own gyms to "train" it and increase its power (the higher the level, the more people you can fit in it). 

Tip #8 - Pokemon egg hatching.


As per pokemon go's notes, only walking will hatch them, the GPS is accurate enough to know if that is the case. There are ways around it, driving extremely slow (below 15 for sure, if someone is more versed lemme know). You can get pokemon eggs from Pokestops and the more steps it takes to hatch them, the rarer the pokemon (2km, 5km, 10km).

Tip #9 - Use items, but smartly.


I usually travel with both incense and a lucky egg active at the same time, the lucky egg started after the incense a few minutes. Reason for this, when I catch one, 200xp give or take, the incense draws them in, the egg doubles the xp. After the incense wears out, I'll evolve what I can, and because of the double xp, it will be 1000xp instead of 500 for each evolution.

Tip #10 - Gym's and Pokemons are typically in "landmark" locations.


Churches, Cemeteries, Old Buildings and Landmarks. 



Bonus Tip #11. This is a given, but cannot be stressed enough. Stay safe, watch where you are going and have fun.

Have fun playing the game! If you'd like some merch to go along with your game playing experience, check out our collection!

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