Pokémon Master Checklist: Everything to Know to be a Pro!
23 Jul

Pokémon Master Checklist: Everything to Know to be a Pro!

Pokémon GO Pokéball

Here's everything you'll need to become a Pokémon GO Master:

Server Status Checker

You can check and see if the server is up or not with this tracker.

Is the game out in my country yet?

Check the map below and see if your country is green. May or may not be 100% up to date.

Pokémon GO Released Countries


What Is…

  1. Tapping the Map--Zoom: Tap the map once to display a blue circle, from the circle quickly drag a line top top to bottom to zoom in, and left to right to zoom out the screen. You can also zoom in and out with a two finger gesture of pinching (like most cell phones)
  2. Grass Shaking: A Pokemon may or may not reside there. Higher chances of encountering a wild Pokemon
  3. Swiveling White PokeBall Icon (Top Left Corner): It means content is loading.
  4. Battery Saver Option: When the app is open and the phone unlocked, the screen will turn black if the phone is idle or laying down. You can still receive alerts.
  5. Pokemon Tab: Shows you wild Pokemon in your vicinity. Select the Pokemon you wish to encounter, and it makes it easier for you to hunt for it.
  6. Footprint Next to Pokemon Tab (currently broken): Let’s you know the proximity of a wild Pokemon. The closer you get the less footprints there are.
  7. Color of the Ring When Catching a Pokemon: Refers to the difficulty of catching the Pokemon. Green = Easy, Yellow = Moderate, Red = Difficult. 
  8. CP = Combat Power: "Each individual Pokémon is assigned CP at capture, which indicates how well that particular Pokémon will perform in battle. As you gain XP and become a higher level Trainer, the CP of the Pokémon you capture will generally be higher."
  9. Weight and Height: See here.
  10. Stardust: Used to level up your Pokemon. Is acquired through capturing any Pokemon. You can also obtain it daily by being in control of a gym.
  11. Candy: Used to evolve and level up your Pokemon. Is acquired through capturing the same Pokemon. Candy is also obtained through hatching eggs.
  12. Where can I get…
  • Eggs: Pokestops. Use an incubator to hatch it.
  • Lucky Eggs: Can be purchased in the shop. Also obtainable from levelling up.
  • Coins: Purchase at the shop, or get it from gyms
* Further explanation on coins: You can press the shield in the shop tab immediately after you place a Pokemon to defend a gym. Afterwards, there's a 21-hour refresh before you can collect them again.

IN-GAME Questions

  1. How to Join a Team: Reach level 5 then visit a gym. You will be prompted to select between Instinct, Mystic, and Valor.
  2. Leveling/Evolving a Pokemon: Capture the same type Pokemon to earn Stardust and Candy. Each Pokemon require different amounts of Stardust and Candy to either level up or evolve. Transferring Pokemon to the Professor will earn you one candy. You can view how much Stardust or Candy required by viewing your caught Pokemon. Transferring Pokemon You can transfer your caught Pokemon to Professor by selecting the Pokemon, scrolling down in its bio and selecting TRANSFER. You will gain one candy for transferring. You cannot get your Pokemon back once it is transferred. Transferring multiples of the same Pokemon will not delete the stardust or candies collected for that specific Pokemon.
  3. How do eggs works?: You can collect eggs at Pokestops. They are stored under your “caught Pokemon” screen (swipe to the right). Eggs can be placed in an incubator by selecting the one you would like to hatch. The distance needed to travel to hatch an egg is under each egg (e.g. 0km/5km or 0km/10km). Once in an incubator, walk around, and it will hatch once you meet the distance quota. Candy is also obtained by hatching eggs.
  4. Eevee Evolution: Anecdotal evidence that nicknames affect the evolution, see here. Try at your own risk. Otherwise, Eevee evolution is selected at random.
  5. Friends List/Chat: Is not currently a feature.
  6. Does the app have to be open?: Yes, the app must be open to remain active and notify you of events.
  7. Why do I have to sign back in?: The servers went down. Everyone was logged out.
  8. What is the timeout for a Pokestop?: ~5 min
  9. Why aren't Pokéstops or gyms loading near me? If you're outside the official release regions, this is to be expected (Niantic seems to block the game data in these areas). It is also possible that there simply aren't any near you.

TIP: Generally speaking, travel to locations where there are community parks, art, or buildings (i.e. places of interest).

Useful Links

Known bugs (some have possibly been fixed):

  • When battling a gym Pokemon of an opposing team it can sometimes be impossible to beat. When you close down and reopen game all your Pokemon are revived and returned to full health.

  • Game sometimes freezes upon catching a Pokemon. Restart and you can have another go.

  • On the walking around screen, sometimes the white Pokeball icon in the top left spins for eternity not letting you look around or tap any icons.

  • It seems like all "nearby" Pokemon are displayed with a 3-step distance now.

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