Pokémon GO Easter Eggs & Theories
25 Jul

Pokémon GO Easter Eggs & Theories

Pokémon GO Easter Eggs & Theories

So John Hanke recently mentioned that there are still Easter Eggs hidden in the game. I'd like to collect them in this post and also ask for help to confirm or disprove theories we might have. I've already seen a few theories/ideas that I will list here as well. 


  • Running away from the starters will eventually spawn a Pikachu
  • You can force Eeveelutions by naming them. Rainer -> Vaporeon; Sparky -> Jolteon; Pyro -> Flareon


  • You can tap on Pokemon to make them play their sound. Maybe you can find a hidden Ditto with it
  • Another theory is naming the Pokemon Ditto will reveal that it's a Ditto

  • Ritchie's Butterfree was named Happy I named my existing one Happy but nothing changed (tested the sound after restarting)

  • In the Anime Series there was a Pikachu named Puka Maybe evolving such a Pikachu does something ...

  • The Team Rocket members Jessie and James each had their "main" Pokemon. Maybe renaming them does something: Weezing -> "James" and Arbok -> "Jessie". Or renaming the previous evolution and evolving them...

  • Meowth also was a member of Team Rocket. Renaming him to "Rocket" or "Team Rocket" and evolving him might be an easteregg. (btw. in the game every meowth stands on two feet, although only Team Rocket's meowth learned how to stand

  • Ritchie also had a charmander named "Zippo" which evolved into a Charmeleon

  • Besides Charmander and Butterfree Ritchie also named his Pikachu "Sparky"

  • In the first Pokemon Movie a Blastoise called "Shell Shocker" made an appearance

  • In the same movie a Venausaur called "Brute Root" was cloned by Mewtwo

  • In the episode "Where Art Thou, Pokemon?" there was a Nidorino named "Tony" and a Nidorina named "Maria"

  • The trainer Duplica in the Anime had a Ditto called "Mini-Dit"

  • Could a renamed Magikarp turn into a Red Gyarados? We can test naming one "Red Gyarados" or "Rage" and see if it does something

  • You can hold the Pokeball and swipe to access the menu. Some people had the idea of trying out some sort of Konami Code, but without success (yet?)

If anyone could help verifying or disprove these theories that would be great! If you have other Theories or any results feel free to post them.


  • tom
    July 30, 2016

    Does jigglepuffs voice sound like its saying Ditto?

  • Whaldo
    July 29, 2016

    blue aura is pokemon caught within 48 hours

  • Dan Healy
    July 28, 2016

    Why do some Pokemon have a blue aura behind them and others do not?

  • HiBounty
    July 26, 2016

    Anyone noticed that when you press on pokemon they call out their original sound from the games… all apart from Pikachu which says it’s name. Don’t know if that means anything.

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