Major Changes Made to Pokemon Go Battles
30 Jul

Major Changes Made to Pokemon Go Battles

Pokemon GO Battle Changes

Hey guys, not sure if you have noticed or not but Niantic has just rolled out major changes to the way in which battles take place within Pokemon Go.  

These changes are said to make the game more competitive and exciting. More than likely, in a typical battle, you never would even bother to use a charge attack because they didn't really do much damage. Well now those same charge attacks will inflict much more damage to your opponent. Meanwhile Niantic has lessened the amount of damage inflicted by 'quick' attacks (Psycho Cut, Mud Shot, and Water Gun). Following these changes the 'Cross Chop" attack now seems to be the most powerful, while the 'Body Slam" attack has weakened a bit. The other charge attacks all seem to have doubled the damage they inflict as well.

This move will likely engage players more and keep them interested, while also making gameplay much more strategic. I'm sure additional changes are in the works, as Niantic and Nintendo want to keep players' interest in the game over the long run. What do you guys think of this update?

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