BREAKING: Level 35+ Bot Outbreak!
03 Aug

BREAKING: Level 35+ Bot Outbreak!

Pokemon GO Botting

Pokemon GO Hacking, Accounts Over Level 35; What is Going On???

There is a new wave of hackers in Pokémon GO that is absolutely crumbling the game experience. These are bots that are programmed to go into the game and farm up experience, game items, and currency. Game hackers are building these bot accounts that level up to 30-35 with Massively OP Pokémon (3000+ CP Dragonites, Arcanines, Etc.) as well as huge amounts of stardust (in some cases over 700K+) and then selling the accounts through social media and other platforms. 

Pokemon GO Bots

A lot of gyms are now being taken over by these bots.

There are plenty of cheaters/spoofers who are ruining the 'competitive' element of the game for a lot of us. These players are taking up gyms and a lot of players are entertaining the idea that they are fair players. The jump from level 30 to 35 is 4,000,000 experience, which is DOUBLE the amount from level 1 to 30. Going past level 35 is even more intense and requires a huge effort to prioritize experience gain rather than camping nests. Again, this is possible but I doubt it happening in small cities or even medium size cities.

This isn't the only top story of hackers taking over Pokémon GO either. In recent news, a player reportedly hacked an Articuno into the game. With the removal of PokeVision & the Step Tracking system, Pokémon GO is in a state of chaos right now, only a month after the game's launch!

Do you think Pokémon GO can get back on track? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Klik
    August 12, 2016

    Think people can legitimately get to these ludicrous levels? My Pokemon Go spreadsheet says otherwise! I’ve added a new tab using the datamined lvl XP to predict when levels can be legitimately reached:

  • Amanda
    August 05, 2016

    Think this is great that they are getting on to it. Have a bot reporting function on their web site would be good as it would have the peeps on the ground doing half the work for them. I wish that Niantic would co work with pokevision till they are sorted with their own radar cause down here in small town Western Australia they are few and very far between if you dont have a generalised area they are missed. The last koffing bulbasaur and squirtle I caught didnt even show up on the radar

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